Ms. Princess Melinda & Mister Laurence
June 2012


Here we see OSO the Drumming Bear in the rehearsal room bored out of his mind as he waits for "the stars" to show up...


Ms. Princess Melinda & Mister Laurence Rockin' Ann Arbor's Botanical Gardens, July 2012
(OSO the Drumming Bear was on sabbatical...)

Snap shots taken while shooting their latest music video

Fall/Winter 2011


Ms. Princess Melinda adjusting OSO's snare-arm cylinder bar,
before the band begins shooting the rock video scene.

The trio takes time out for a funky mug shot after a long
joy ride drive for their picnic scene in the woods,


The trio sets out into the woods to find the perfect picnic site. 

 Seen here, The Mister Laurence Experience singing their hearts out!




Digging up trouble at The Mustard Seed Garden's 1st Annual Birthday Party
September 18th 2011

All photos by Cassady Marie Photography

           Mister Laurence gives a thumbs up to an enthusiastic audience.                    And here, trying his best to play a reasonable guitar solo.


     Mister Laurence, rocking out as Ms. Princess Melinda  works the crowd.         Ms. Princess Melinda seen with a big smile and a hip hip hurray!


           OSO the Drumming Bear heard keeping a strong back beat.                         At the end of the concert, giving out raffle prizes with joy.

And here, a new fan who came to the show -- Aminah -- modeling Ms. Princess Melinda's Pink Hat.



A portrait of Mister Laurence, rendered by one of his cool fanz!
Aug 18th 2011



Rockin' the Chelsea Sights & Sounds Festival
July 14th 2011




"Lemonade in the Shade" Summer Series
June 23rd 2011

Proudly standing by, after successfully setting OSO up for their show.
"That OSO can be a real bear, and you can quote me on that."

The Experience begins rocking-out from the get-go, and the little rascals respond accordingly.
"What can we say", says Mister Laurence.  "Once they feel OSO's back beat, there's no turning back."

Soon, a pack of joyful kids are whirling in a spontaneous circular dance jig.  Look out!

Mister Laurence rids his green beret and tries out a new "look"; Top hat, green shirt, play money ascot,
turn-of-the-century trousers, and a pair of authentic parachute boots. Clark Kent meets Oliver Twist?

Spring 2011

May 7th 2011

OSO the Drumming Bear waits patiently while Mister Laurence & Ms. Princess Melinda retire to the dressing room, just prior to hitting the stage.
"Hey you two, I haven't got all day..."


Mister Laurence and OSO, seen kicking it out big time!

And to the left here, Ms. Princess Melinda seen doing the same!

( Dig that yellow construction cap at the bottom of the photo.
She sported
that proudly when it came time to perform "Can She Fix It?" )

Below we see OSO took the wheel on the ride home, giving both Mister Laurence & Ms. Princess Melinda a chance to relax after such a big day!
"Hey thanks, OSO!"


A special "after birthday party photo session"
with OSO, the Drumming Bear.

" was the best day ever..."


The Mister Laurence Experience at Oz's Music Environment
(Debut concert w/OSO the Drumming Bear!)

Mister Laurence        OSO the Drumming Bear    Ms. Princess Melinda


(Before OSO joined "the experience"!)

The band starts out with a bang!

Ms. Princess Melinda leans in, to sing the next chorus!

The crowd madly rushes the stage...

Ms. Princess Melinda begins to act out the different parts of the song!

Though the weather was threatening with rain in the forecast,
The Mister Laurence Experience played on!


Pictured here we see "The Parade Queen"
(Their esteemed volunteer photographer for the day!)

Having waited until the band packed
up all their equipment,
a "new fan" poses with Mister Laurence for her mom!

And finally, HOTEL MONTCALM where they stayed, 150 years earlier.

Saturday 6/19/10

"We're on in 5 minutes Ms. Princess Melinda.  Are you all set to go?"

"I wish I could say that.  I'm not set to go at all.  I'm still trying to
figure out where to plug all these cords into..."

"Of course I am, silly..."


 Their First Ever Promo Shot as a Power Trio ~ July, 2010


Here we have a huge pile of money.  Needless to say,
Mister Laurence does not understand what this
"starving artist" bit is all about...

OSO seen here, practicing hard on his own in spring 2009,
ready for their debut music video I'M GLAD AT YOU!
(before his actually joining their performing group.)

( President of the MISTER LAURENCE FAN CLUB! )


Debut Concert at ANN ARBOR'S NICOLA'S BOOKS Saturday 10/10/09

Click on the blue text to view a string of fun video stills, telling the story of their fab CD release concert

in celebration of their musical adventure story CD, MARMALINE ~ My Music Machine"



OLDER PHOTO PAGE has hip pics from when it was just Mister Laurence playing solo,
along with his Play Money Band, circa 1999 thru 2008.

(Before Ms. Princess Melinda and OSO the Drumming Bear joined in!)