A big special shout-out to all who came to see us perform at Ann Arbor's Pittsfield Grange last Sunday!  We put on a rockin' show in celebration of THE MUSTARD SEED GARDEN'S 1st year of organic life!  A huge apology though for those who came to see us but were unable to stick around for us to arrive. We'd had another birthday party concert earlier that morning, but were unable to get out soon enough... boo-hoo

Having said all that, we had a wonderful time playing our music and making homemade organic apple sauce and cider with everyone there. Special thanks to Emily and Julie of PRESERVING TRADITIONS, for their time & energy teaching us all about organic food, preparation, canning, etc. 

NOTE: Our performance was videotaped and will soon be aired on Ann Arbor CTN cable TV network channel 17.  Chances are good we'll do this again next year too, so be sure to keep an eye & ear out for that!