Yes, the news is out and confirmed. Ms. Princess Melinda has found herself too swamped with her studies in Law School to continue with her creative duties in The Mister Laurence Experience.  Mister Laurence thanks her so-so-so much for her trusted involvement in the band over these past four years.  She was an awesome hard working contributor to this imaginative world of Children's Entertainment. There will never be another Ms. Princess Melinda.  Mister Laurence will profoundly miss both Ms. Princess Melinda and her brain child, OSO the Drumming Bear.  The Trio pulled six 1st place music video awards during their stretch together, with a seventh in the wings.  One of these trophies was awarded for their variety show, MISTER LAURENC'ES "Enchanted" GREEN TREE FORT, sporting five elaborately shot half-hour episodes. But hey, as they say in Hollywood, the show must go on. Children's Music Concerts are being booked for 2013, back to the arena of solo performance as Mister Laurence and his Play Money Band.