Music Video "WHY NOT GRAPES?"

January 8, 2013
Needless to say, Ms. Princess Melinda (a.k.a. Matilda Peppermint) and Mister Laurence (a.k.a. Lammy Rillerson) have been working non-stop on their epic musical film GROWING GRAPES FOR THE FUTURE, since last summer.  Here we see a candid shot from their latest video shoot, The 3D Band, performing their song WHY NOT GRAPES?  "Why not?" indeed!



December 2, 2012

This year's music video TEDDY BEAR'S PICNIC won first place!
Be sure to check it out on our YouTube Channel, FLAGHORN!

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September 30, 2012
It's been some time since we've blabbed about our film production, GROWING GRAPE FOR THE FUTURE.  Too busy shooting, editing, rewriting, and shooting more.  Tons of fun this month, acting out scenes in The Dean's Office, The Vineyard (Sandhill Crane Vineyards out of Jackson), and more recently, Door to Door.  The door to door scene sees Lammy Rillerson and Matilda Peppermint knocking about the neighborhood, trying to rustle up community interest ($$$) in their wild madcap vineyard idea.  The ...
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August 12, 2012
Today we performed at HIDDEN LAKE GARDENS, out near Tecumseh, Michigan.  Though we would have prefered to play outside, as originally planned, the sprinkling rain got the best of us.  No worries. We had a wonderful time,
just the same. Hidden Lake Gardens is even bigger than Ann Arbor's

Here's Ms. Princess Melinda indicating the ants go marching one by one...

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Another Sneak Peak Preview

August 12, 2012
Here's a funny shot of The Cornball Professor, reduced to "Bookworm Fumigator", as he goes to work on the various books needing fumigation,
in the library...

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In the Library...

August 8, 2012
We had fun Sunday, shooting our next scene for GROWING GRAPES FOR THE FUTURE in Ypsilanti's Cross Street Books.  It wasn't easy though since there was very little room for the crew and their equipment.  Here we see Lammy Rillerson and Matilda Peppermint, in the "library", reading up on how to grow grapes, when suddenly Lammy hears a stir...

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Lemonade 25 cents!

July 24, 2012
Mia Doll, acting as "The Lemonade Girl" (Move over Shirley Temple!)

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The Lemonade Girl!

July 20, 2012
Hey Everyone! We are floored to report that day after tomorrow we'll be videotaping the first shoot to our musical, GROWING GRAPES FOR THE FUTURE!  5 year old Mia Doll will be starring in this scene as The Lemonade Girl selling juice to passersby.  She's been practicing her lines with her mom and knows them well and is all ready for the camera.  Who Who!

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"Tea Cups & Top Hats" at The Botanical Gardens

July 8, 2012
Thank you all for braving the heat today to see our kids rock-music show at
Ann Arbor's Matthaei's Botanical Gardens.  We had a grand time.  "Live" video clips can be seen on our YouTube channel, FLAGHORN

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Mayfly Music Festival and Ann Arbor's Botanical Gardens

June 28, 2012
Thank you to those able to come see and hear us at The Mayfly Music Festival last Saturday. A beautifully sunny day and not too hot.  Here I am pointing the way to the stage, for those in need to know.

Please do remember to check us out at Ann Arbor's Botanical Gardens this coming Sunday at 2:30pm, July 9th. We're gonna rock all the kids, ages 2 thru 200!

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