BREAKING NEWS: Mister Laurence is introducing a new member to his children's presentation.  That's correct.  The one and only beauty & brains of Ms. Princess Melinda!

Ms. Princess Melinda will be playing keyboards and singing harmony vocals with Mister Laurence in the months to come. She's in fact already busy brain storming with him on a number of productions. Kicking off the year, we see four mammoth projects in the wings: 
  1. Rehearsals with The Play Money Band begin next week.
  2. MISTER LAURENCE'S "ENCHANTED" GREEN TREE FORT CTV children special is in it's last final stages, with script changes and crew member enlistment. Shooting takes place this month.
  3. Mister Laurence's new Cd, MARMALINE (My Music Machine), is due for release Monday, January 26th. Order now!
  4. The Star Fish Music Video goes into production mid February.
Mister Laurence (that be me) is just beside himself with the prospects of a super productive new year ahead! Yahoo!