It's been some time since we've blabbed about our film production, GROWING GRAPE FOR THE FUTURE.  Too busy shooting, editing, rewriting, and shooting more.  Tons of fun this month, acting out scenes in The Dean's Office, The Vineyard (Sandhill Crane Vineyards out of Jackson), and more recently, Door to Door.  The door to door scene sees Lammy Rillerson and Matilda Peppermint knocking about the neighborhood, trying to rustle up community interest ($$$) in their wild madcap vineyard idea.  The idea to produce raisins with powerful prophetic properties... oh, yeah

So, we began our first shoot yesterday with Reverend Mike Brooks.  His ability to deliver with a grand poker face was too funny.  Today, it's Joe Dinda and Carol Morris scheduled in, with one or two others to set up later in the week.  As soon as we have more pics and video clips to share, we shall.  Promise.  Until then, you'll all have to put on your patience caps and wait at the edge of your seats.