September 8, 2015

For those of you unable to catch my concert at Ann Arbor's Burns Park this summer, be sure to tune into cable channel 17 during any of these broadcast schedule times and turn it up!

"Mister Laurence at Burns Park" is scheduled to premiere on your COMMUNITY TELEVISION NETWORK, CABLE CHANNEL 17 - Sunday, 9/6/15 at 3:00pm.

Additional replay times include: Tuesday, 9/8 at 7:00pm; Wednesday, 9/9 at 5:00pm; Saturday, 9/12 at 9:00am; Sunday, 9/13 at 7:00pm; Monday, 9/14 at 3:00pm; Friday, 9/18 at 4:00pm; and Saturday, 9/19 at 9:00am; all on cable channel 17.




March 30, 2015
Boy oh Boy.  Time indeed has a habit of flying.  Nearly one year has passed since the successful screening of my goofball film GROWING GRAPES FOR THE FUTURE at Ann Arbor's Yellow Barn last year.  Here's hoping you all had a tre-wonderful summer, managing to survive the cold snowy winter months as well.  Please check my Concert Schedule to find out what's happening in the not-so-distant future!
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GGFF Debut Screening @ The Yellow Barn 8:30pm 5/9/14

April 3, 2014
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March 24, 2014
This just in!  The Trailer for GROWING GRAPES FOR THE FUTURE will be screened at THE MITTON MOVIE PROJECT in Royal Oak on -- yes -- April Fools Day!  Details below...

Screening for THE GGFF TRAILER (and other Trailers and Short Films)
The Mitten Movie Project
118 N. Main Street, Royal Oak, Michigan
Tuesday, April 1, 2014, 7:30pm - 9:30pm
Tickets are $8 via email or $10 cash at the door.
A pre-screening reception starts at 6:30 p.m. in the Main Art lobby where moviegoers can mingle with the director...

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March 10, 2014
Time sure flies when you're growing grapes... for the future, that is.  Oh, yeah.  Mister Laurence has been super busy these past winter months finishing up his independently-produced family-friendly musical film, GROWING GRAPES FOR THE FUTURE.  Screening date has been set for Friday, May 9th 2014 at THE YELLOW BARN in Ann Arbor.  $5 admission at the door includes a raffle ticket, giving everyone a chance to win their own copy.  Write it down in your calendar!
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Summer Long!

August 13, 2013
Who boy!  Summer's almost over and has it ever been a moderate and wet one.  However, there were a few truly hot daze.  Last month my "Lemonade in the Shade" children's concert in Trenton was postponed due to the high heat index - over 100. It's coming up, in fact, THIS Thursday if by chance you live in the area.  Meanwhile, I've been busy performing; birthday parties, farmer's markets, botanical gardens, and continued work on the musical film Growing Grapes for the Future ~ not to mention 15...
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Cobblestone Farm Market

June 5, 2013

Mister Laurence has been having a total blast playing at
COBBLESTONE FARM MARKET this spring!  Check his
Concert Page to find out when he performs again in July!

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Back on the Map!

April 21, 2013
Mister Laurence had a fun, fab-filled experience at NICOLA'S BOOKS this weekend.  His first solo performance in nearly 5 years.  Needless to say, he's feeling good about his renewed entertainment status.  Check his Concert Schedule to find out when he's performing next!

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SOLO once again ...

February 23, 2013

Yes, the news is out and confirmed. Ms. Princess Melinda has found herself too swamped with her studies in Law School to continue with her creative duties in The Mister Laurence Experience.  Mister Laurence thanks her so-so-so much for her trusted involvement in the band over these past four years.  She was an awesome hard working contributor to this imaginative world of Children's Entertainment. There will never be another Ms. Princess Melinda.  Mister Laurence will profoundly miss both Ms...

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2012 Community Spirit Award

February 21, 2013
Ann Arbor Community Television Network held their bi-annual producers' party last month, handing out various awards to those kicking out quality productions. The staff presented Mister Laurence him with his First Place Award for TEDDY BEAR'S PICNIC (Theatrical Version) as well as presenting him with a congrats on all his fab productions over the past 12 years, with a special trophy called "The Community Spirit Award". 

Needless to say, Mister Laurence was feeling pretty good about that, and ...
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