Interested in hiring  MR. LAURENCE for  a  HAPPY  BIRTHDAY  Concert?


30 min. Kiddie-Rock Concert

Each package includes a complimentary CD or music video DVD or T-shirt gift for your child.
Also, "coloring pages" (8.5" x 11" B&W enlargements of cover artwork from their CD's),
band postcards, stickers, and other freebie items for the whole party!


10 minute set up time

Inside Ann Arbor city limits


Within Washtenaw County


Within 1 hr. driving distance outside Washtenaw County

Performing with portable "low volume" equipment.
A particularly good choice if your child is very young!

30 minute set up time

Inside Ann Arbor city limits


Within Washtenaw County


Within 1 hr. driving distance outside Washtenaw County

Performing with fuller volume, high quality equipment. The perfect choice for backyard parties or a larger community space.

Song list includes original compositions and classic children songs.  Please feel free to suggest any of his originals,
or any of these kiddie-classics below, when hiring Mr. Laurence for your celebration.


                                                       1) WHEELS ON THE BUS

                                                       2) THE ITSY BITSY SPIDER
                                                       3) TWINKLE, TWINKLE LITTLE STAR
                                                       4) BOB THE BUILDER (We Can Fix It!)

                                                       6) IF YOU'RE HAPPY AND YOU KNOW IT
                                                       7) THE PIRATE SONG
                                                       8) ROW ROW ROW YOUR BOAT
                                                       9) THE ANTS GO MARCHING
                                                     10) ABC SONG 
                                                     11) LONDON BRIDGE IS FALLING DOWN
                                                     12) THE LION SLEEPS TONIGHT
                                                     13) OCTOPUS'S GARDEN
                                                     14) BATMAN
                                                     15) ANIMAL SOUNDS ARE THE SOUNDS WE MAKE
                                                     16) THE BAND ON THE BUS (his unique take on Wheels On The Bus!)
                                                     17) TEDDY BEAR'S PICNIC
                                                     18) THE BEAR WENT OVER THE MOUNTAIN
                                                     19) BINGO
(Song-game w/cards!)



CARMEN'S BIRTHDAY: "We had Mister Laurence play at our daughter's 5th birthday party this summer.  He put on an excellent show  - the whole crowd - young and old - really enjoyed the fun and catchy music that he played. We would definitely recommend Mister Laurence for any special event for your child...he is a departure from the usual "bounce house" style party.  So if you are looking for something different to offer at your next party - look no will not be disappointed!   We also have several of his CD's (which I would recommend picking up) that not only our 5 year old, but my older children love too.  Great sing-along music for the car rides."

ZACHARY'S BIRTHDAY: "Mister Laurence was hired by my sister to perform at my nephew's 1st birthday party. Years later, they still remember his amazing backyard concert. Along with his inventive, out of the box, musical talent, he brings great energy, full of silliness and humor that moves adults, as well as children, to laughing, clapping and gesturing to his songs. Most of his music is self written and even his cover tunes are brought to life in whimsical Mister Laurence style. If you want to purchase a lasting memory for your child's birthday, I would recommend hiring Mister Laurence. It will be a concert that friends and family will remember for years."

ABBY'S BIRTHDAY: "Mister Laurence brings joy to all with his music.  His whimsical style and humor make him a delightful performer for children of all ages. With his play money band, my husband and I now know where all of our lost Monopoly money has gone!  If you're thinking about adding some fun to your child's birthday party, look no further than Mister Laurence!"

HANNAH'S BIRTHDAY: "Hannah LOVES Mister Laurence! He's performed at three of her birthday parties. At her second birthday party, as soon as she saw Mister Laurence, she ran up to him, stood in front of him in awe, and sang with him the whole time. As far as Hannah is concerned, Mister Laurence is the biggest rock star in the world."

ELLA'S BIRTHDAY: "Mister Laurence is a perfect addition to any party -- he's engaging, entertaining, and made my daughter's day! What more could a mom what?" 

We hired Mister Laurence for our son's 2nd birthday party.  We could not have been happier with him! He was professional, laid back, entertaining and fun. He accommodated our needs from beginning to end and truly made our son's 2nd birthday a perfect celebration!  Highly, highly recommend him!"