Original Rock Music for Kidz
(ages 2 thru 200)

"Connecting the dots between parent and child, bridging the multigeneration gap."
(Your healthy alternative to purple dinosaurs and fast food clowns.)

Family Festivals, Books Stores, Libraries, Elementary Schools, Preschools,

Botanical Gardens, Birthday Parties, Block Parties, and select events


MARMALINE ~ My Music Machine
A Musical Story Adventure!

Marmaline Extended Version.mp3

The Pouting Song.mp3

Row Row Row Your Boat.mp3

The Pirate Song.mp3


MISTER LAURENCE and his Play Money Band
A playful original rock-music act for kids ages 2 thru 200

Mister Laurence creates a full band sound playing electric guitar and singing along to his original prerecorded tracks.
His musical presentation is geared towards the whole family. With eclectic heartfelt punky-pop songwriting and an idiosyncratic stage presence, Mister Laurence connects the dots between kidand their parents, bridging the
multi-generation gap. His zany original compositions and his unique arrangements of popular children's
deliver pure entertainment while reveling in the joy of mixing fantasy and
the absurd with honest feelings and life learning lessons.

A one-of-a-kind act, MISTER LAURENCE and his Play Money Band is sophisticated
enough for the grownup ear, yet playful and age appropriate to keep the little ones glued.

"... One might be inclined to accuse Mister Laurence of being on happy pills.
Truth be told, his inner children are the size of Texas ..."



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